Thursday, 17 December 2015

Leather Restoration Tips: Give Those Used Leather Shoes a New Look

Leather Restoration is not only a satisfying task, but can also mean that you achieve your desired look without spending a large amount of your hard earned cash.

Oil stain on an Aniline pair of shoes can easily be removed. There are many excellent products out there that can do the job provided that specific restoration instructions are followed. The soles are also an important part to inspect. If they are in good condition, then it is worth spending some time restoring the leather, otherwise your effort will be for nothing. Minimal creasing and a complete absence of cracks and tears is vital if you want a long last pair of leather shoes.

You will know if the leather that your shoes are constructed from is pigmented if a drop of water stays on the surface instead of soaking in. Using a leather shoe washing agent when cleaning this type of leather is vital because they contain oils to ensure the restoration of the softness and condition of the leather whilst gently cleaning the shoes. In addition to this, the washing agent will add water repellent properties back to the footwear.

Aniline Leather shoes have a smooth finish with open pores. This makes them not suitable for going out in the rain as they stain very easily. You can, however, protect them from those downpours by treating them with a spray specifically for waterproofing leather and textiles. This won't stop staining, but can reduce the damage and make it easier to correct. A fat absorber spray can restore your leather shoes if they have soaked up a little oil.

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