Monday, 21 December 2015

Leather Cleaning and Maintenance Made Easy with These Simple Ways

Among the many materials for furniture and clothing, leather is one that’s both durable and fashionable. Yet, without maintenance and care, leather can easily lose its original beauty. Maintaining your leather goods doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you’re armed with the right products and the right knowledge of leather maintenance.

Like Caring for the Skin

A general rule of thumb in caring for leather goods is that, since these are literally made of animal skin, leather needs to be hydrated at all times, otherwise it will crack or lose its original colour. As the skin needs lotion for rehydration, leather also needs high-quality products, like leather preservers and waterproofing oils, to maintain its original beauty.

Regular Dusting and Vacuum Cleaning is a Must

Dirt and dust can be your enemy, as these can cause your leather goods to appear dingy and dull. Surprisingly, though, some people neglect this step, but regular dusting and vacuum cleaning is essential in making your leather goods look vibrant. Not a fan of regular vacuuming? Protect your leather goods from dirt and dust by covering them with lightweight sheets, especially if these are not often in use.

Use Particular Products

Once in a while, you’ll need to apply particular products for particular types of leather to maintain its vibrancy and colour. Smooth pigmented leather, for one, should be treated with an aniline protector at least once or twice a year to avoid ageing and fading. For different stains, there are particular leather cleaning products that can remove these unwanted sights from your leather goods in no time.

Leather care can be a simple affair, especially if you have all these products at hand.

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