Monday, 16 November 2015

Proper Storage and Leather Restoration for Your Favourite Leather Bags

Leather bags have become highly coveted items and even iconic fashion symbols. They can also be extremely expensive. If properly stored and cared for, however, they can last for years and even a lifetime.

The best way to store your leather bags is first to stuff the inside of the bags with tissue paper which should ideally be acid-free. This will help keep their shape. You should then simply place your bags on a shelf in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, dark place without covering them. They should be kept well away from direct heat or sunlight which can cause the leather to dry, crack or fade. You should avoid storing your bags in plastic or other non-porous boxes or bags as this can discolour the leather as well as cause the growth of mildew.

Leather Restoration

If you didn't follow the above and now your favourite bag is damaged, what can you do? Begin by dusting the item or brushing gently with a soft brush. Minor stains on suede can be removed with a hard rubber eraser or try a fine emery paper. Wipe grain and patent leathers with a slightly damp cloth. For grease stains try ground blackboard chalk to absorb the stain. You can then apply a mild leather cleaner.

Any cracks and tears which are not too deep can be repaired and filled with a fluid leather filler. The application of a leather protector will prevent further deterioration and stop the leather from drying out. If there has been any colour damage a leather colour restorer can be used which will refresh the original colour. It will also reseal the surface. Otherwise a leather preserver should be the final touch to seal the surface and restore your item to its original condition.

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