Monday, 16 November 2015

Leather Cleaning for Your Furniture During the Cold Winter Months

Leather is a particularly durable material. Its classic feel and appearance make it popular for furniture. Your leather furnishings can become damaged over cold winter months. Freezing conditions and variable temperatures within the home may cause leather to crack. Cleaning and moisturising leather furnishings before the onset of winter helps maintain the quality and ensure it improves with age.

Source the best leather cleaning products from specialist leather outlets to keep your furnishings in tip top condition. The right cleaner will remove all grime and stains, while enhancing the surface and quality of the leather. Follow on by moisturising the leather to protect and seal the hide, while also ensuring that it remains supple. Spills can be absorbed into the surface of leather and using the correct sealants protects the surface of the furniture and helps prevent damage from liquids.

When leather furniture is close to sources of heat, such as radiators, open fires and central heating boilers, damage can also occur. Cracks in the surface of the leather can appear due to extreme winter temperatures. It's possible to carry out repairs on damaged furniture using leather dye and focusing on any cracks or scratches. Arranging for professional cleaning of leather and treatment in winter months is one way to avoid damage to your leather furnishings and keep sofas and armchairs in great condition.

Your professional cleaning service helps maintain the quality of leather furniture, allowing the leather to develop into the mature, soft texture displayed by most vintage leather furnishings. Top quality leather furnishings are expensive to purchase, taking time to clean them is an important part of ongoing leather care which will enhance your furniture considerably.


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