Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Leather Restoration: What to do with Leather Couch Damage by Pets

Cuddling with pets has more benefits than just some at-home bonding time. Pets have been found to help humans in many ways like lowering stress levels, recuperating from illness, and improving your mood.

It seems that leather couches hold up best to wear and tear so they are also ideal for cuddle time with your pets. After all, you can easily wipe off dirt, fur, and slobber, which make stains and retained odour the least of a pet owner’s worries. Leather couches, however, won’t always hold up to scratch and bite marks your animal companion may inflict on it.

Pet Damage

Everybody knows that cats like to scratch with their long claws, while dogs like to use their paws to drag themselves up onto the couch. Leather is a fairly resilient material and won’t rip immediately, but you may start to see damage done by your furry friends over time. Up close, the marks appear like unsightly, discoloured lines and bumps.

Damage Repair

Scratches on leather furniture need to be patched up before they get any bigger. You don’t need to slap on a patch of leather if the damage is not major. All you need is an effective leather restoration option like a fluid leather filling material. Leather filling materials from respected manufacturers, like Colourlock UK & Ireland, can be used to repair small holes, scratches and tears on leather furniture caused by pets. These also come in a selection of colours in order to match the colour of your couch.

Preventing Damage

Obviously, the best way to protect your leather couch from damage is to prevent it from happening altogether. Always keep your dog’s nails short before letting them on the couch. Cats can wear caps over their nails so they don’t snag the leather as well.


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